Murfreesboro, TN


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
You may place an order by calling 615-216-5533, or by using our “Contact Us” form.
Can the brick on my home be matched?
Most of the time, the brick and mortar on your house can be matched or a suitable substitute can be found.
Can I relocate my mailbox?
Yes. You are allowed to change the location of your mailbox to the left or the right side on your property.
My mailbox is near a ditch. Can I have a mailbox installed?
Yes. There may be an additional charge to build it up to street level.
I live on a very busy street and want to know if I can access my mail from both the front and the back?
Yes. We can install a metal mailbox in the front and in the rear.
Can I move my mailbox further away from the street?
You may be able to move your mailbox farther away from the street only if it falls within US postal guidelines.
If I already have some bricks to use, will that reduce the cost?
You may receive a deduction depending on the quantity of reusable bricks that you have for the size of the structure that you order.