Question: How does the order process work?

Answer: You may place an order by calling 1-615-216-5533 or Email:

You will be given an estimated date of completion, depending our workload and predicted weather conditions.

Question: Can the brick on my home be matched?

Answer: Yes. Most of the time, the brick on your home can be matched or a suitable selection can be found.

Question: Can I relocate my mailbox?

Answer: Yes. You are allowed to change the location of your mailbox to the left side or to the right side as long as it
remains on your property line and it follows US Postal guidelines.

Question: The back of my existing mailbox is located right near a ditch. Can I have a brick mailbox installed there?

Answer: Yes. In order to properly install the concrete footing, the ground must be dug below the dirt line in the back of
the existing mailbox. Then, a concrete base must be poured so that the appropriate number of courses (rows of bricks)
can be laid to meet the street or curb level.

Question: My mailbox is on a very busy street. Can I have a metal mailbox installed in the front and the rear of my brick
structure so that I do not have to step onto the street to get my mail?

Answer: Yes. You can make the request to have front and rear access for your mailbox when you place your order.

Question: Can I move my mailbox back from the street farther away from traffic?

Answer: All installations are done according to U.S. Postal guidelines. The answer to that question is normally no.
However, from time to time, the mailboxes on some streets are set back from the street. In that case, with written
permission from your local post office, you would be permitted to have your mailbox recessed also.

Question: Can I have a plastic red flag installed?

Answer: Yes. You can have a red flag installed on the outside of your brick mailbox.

Question: What size brick structures are available to order?

Answer: There are three different sized brick structures available to order:

1. Standard brick structures are approximately 20" X 20"

2. Large brick structures are approximately 24" X 24"

3. Jumbo brick structures are approximately 27" X 27"

Although there are three different sized brick structures, some styles may not be available in all sizes.

Question: I have the bricks already. Can I get a deduction on my bill?

Answer: If you already have some bricks, you may receive a deduction on your order depending on the quantity of
usable bricks and the size of the brick structure that you want to have built.

Standard size structures require approx. 200 bricks

Large size structures require approx. 300 bricks

Jumbo size structures require approx. 300-400 bricks

Question: What are the available sizes of the metal mailboxes that are inserted into the brick mailbox structures?

Answer: There are 3 available sizes of metal mailboxes that are inserted into the brick mailbox structures:

1. Standard Size: 7.25" wide X 9" high X 20.5" deep

2. Large Size: 8.75" wide X 11" high X  22.875" deep

3. Jumbo Size: 12" wide X 15.25" high X  24.125" deep
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